Friday, May 15, 2009

Holistic Cat Health Care - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Holistic health care for cats is a movement that is gaining popularity among veterinary surgeons and owners alike who wish to consider alternatives to traditional veterinary care. Reports suggest that cats are falling ill far more frequently than before; many experts think this is partly due to the diets owners give their cats, and partly due to the onslaught of vaccinations and drugs that are now used to treat all kinds of feline illnesses and conditions.

Holistic veterinary surgeons believe that prevention is better than cure. It is far more important to maintain the well-being of your cat, rather than concentrating on relieving signs and symptoms of illnesses. Holistic practitioners assert that symptoms hint at an underlying health condition and left untreated, your cat's health could be severely compromised in the long run.

Holistic and traditional vets are now of the opinion that a raw diet is far preferable to the standard canned and kibbled cat food that is available on the market. Studies have shown that cats fed on raw, wholefood diets are more robust and have greater resistance to the illnesses generally associated with age related degeneration.

Holistic vets believe that cat wellness treatments are not only about the treatment of disease but about prevention as well. By building up your cat's immune system with the correct and natural diet, and supplemented with suitable therapy, your cat will have a far better quality of life. This translates into a better groomed and happy cat, with improvements in the condition of your cat’s fur, general disposition, better dentition and a lifelong freedom from allergies and infectious diseases.

Rather than resorting to intrusive injections or applications of harsh chemicals to treat fleas and ticks, holistic vets can provide natural alternatives which are just as effective against these parasites yet cause little or no harm to the cat. Holistic vets rely on preparations of nosodes rather than vaccinations, believing that these preparations that use a microscopic portion of diseased tissue will help to stimulate the cat's natural immune system into building up stronger defences. This holistic treatment is based on the similar premise that smallpox vaccinations in humans use the smallpox virus to build up defences in the immunity system.

The range of therapies are as wide as those available to human clients of any homeopathy or natural health clinic. Statistics from numerous studies conducted do show benefits that can be gained from these therapies. Holistic vets promote alternative natural remedies in place of traditional treatments, and provide holistic therapies, aimed to promote and care for the overall wellbeing and happiness of the animal.

Many sceptics might be surprised to learn that homeopath and acupuncture are established and successful forms of treatment for many feline conditions. In addition, cat owners report drastic improvements and increased rates of recovery in their animals. Other alternative forms of treatment would include osteopathy, physiotherapy and healing. The trend of holistic healthcare for felines is gaining momentum and the public have displayed positive interest in this branch of veterinary care.

Author: Moses Wright

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