Sunday, May 3, 2009

Choosing A Cat Name

Welcoming a baby into a home comes with the joy and responsibility of naming the new addition – of forever assigning a label by which the world will refer to him. When it comes to our pets, the responsibility can feel just as important. Choosing names for our pets is a time-honored family tradition whereby we gather together to weigh in on the choice, basing a name on our pet’s very special personality. Choosing a cat name can be exceptionally difficult as cats come with their own subtle personalities that can initially be hard to identify.

Of course, for those of us who had cats in our homes as we were growing up, picking a cat name can be a bit easier; perhaps there’s a special cat that will forever hold a place in your heart after whom you wish to name your new cat. Perhaps there’s a name you’ve always admired but works best when paired with a unique cat; perhaps there’s a distinctive family name that is traditionally passed down to your pets or a name that’s meaning is something special for you; and, of course, there is always the consideration for particular names popular in different cultures.

Then of course there is a cat name that describes the look of your cat – a white cat, a fat cat, a small cat, etc; a cat name that relates the gender of your cat; or a cat name that describes the personality of your cat – whether friendly, funny, shy, etc. It may take a while to discover just what that personality is, especially if you are bringing home a kitten. It is totally appropriate to wait until you get to know your new cat before choosing a name that best fits him/her.

These days, the Internet can be the greatest resource for finding the perfect cat name. You can take a casual browse through the names or look for something specific. Take the time to find the cat name that best reflects the personality of both you and your pet – it’ll be with you a lifetime!

Author: Michelle Bery

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